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what is the reason...

May 15, 2009
what is the reason that we can craft the same cards we have in our deck. they dont run out and i already have it, no reason to make anymore.the only real way to get anything to battle with is through bazaar, and that is if it happens to be there, but if in high demand then costs alot.

Oct 03, 2008
KI, you really ought to remove school specific requirements from treasure card recipies; there's little to no point for us to make treasure cards of cards we can already freely use in our deck, and we can save huge amounts of money by just enchanting my cards with boost, tough, etc... and make treasure cards that way. Therefore, the way treasure card recipies are set up, they're all but completely worthless.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer

Jun 01, 2009
KI really ought to remove the whole crafting nonsense completely. And fix the mob drops so they drop for your class again. I NEVER get anything for my class and I'm not spending MONTHS to do the quest to do crafting. 9 hour wait time, to do a quest for crafting... and then you make us make 6 items? Sheesh where is the fun in that. I miss FUN KI. Do you remember FUN?

Mar 07, 2009
I agree here. There really no point to this. Open the other school cards so people can make it. One this takes way too much regents to ever make the card. If you trying to promote gold card trading this is not the way. This idea may work if we could trade regents or hold more regents.