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what is the best robe 4 fire school level 90

Oct 31, 2012
recipe vendor
for fire school level 90

please help me......

Sep 30, 2009
either waterworks or the hades unseen robe.

May 17, 2009
If you craft I would highly suggest you go with the Guard of the Sun Fire Armor. You can buy the recipe from Maguey Century Cat. If you don't craft then I would suggest farming Waterworks for the Firestarter's Robe. Either way you go there both good robes but I think the Guard of the Sun Fire Armor is just a bit better.Those were well rounded gear sets by the way if you are looking for specific stats such as resistance, damage, or critical let me know and I will look around and see what I can find

Sincerely, Spectral Evidence

May 28, 2011
The best fire gears are those crafted from azteca avalon and mix with water work gears.
"The Fire Gears"
1)start from water works once you'll get the whole set from hat, robe and boots and then can start looking crafting gears start from Avalon for the "hat,robe and boots".
2)next crafting gears in azteca just craft the robe and the boots.
3)Now there's a new set of gears in new addition with the dungeons you can get "athame,ring,boot,robe and hat in the Immortal World of Olympus.
4) The Athame you can get it from Cronus.
5)The ring you can get it from the Gladiator.
6)The Hat,Robe and Boots you can get it from the Tartarus.
7)Tartarus first fight boss is a death with minions.
8)Second fight boss is a death with Balance minions.
9)next is solve the puzzle.
10)after is the guard of the hades and its a 3 heads dog.
11)finally 3 big bosses the Death, Storm and Myth
12)be advice carry dispels and sanctuary if you want to survive longer and defeat the all the Immortals.
13)Good Luck!!!

Dec 09, 2012
Any robe that fulfills your expectations. Hades The Unseen robe with resist to all.

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