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were do you get the housing crafting table

Oct 24, 2010
were do you get the housing crafting table and the grizzlehime crafted house

Sep 11, 2010
The housing crafting table can be purchased from the furniture vendor standing outside of the Krokosphinx. It is also purchaseable from furniture vendors in Marleybone, and Mooshu.

The recipe for Watchtower Hall, the Grizzleheim house, can be purchased from the recipe vendor standing just to the left of the steps leading up to the Palace door.

Btw, it is my understanding the Housing Crafting Table is NOT the crafting table required for crafting the Grizzleheim house. There is a special table hidden in Northgaurd that I believe has to be used for this purpose.

The table I think is needed is in a cave behind the Cryptkeeper.