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Watchtower Hall Help

May 07, 2010
I am a grandmaster crafter and I have decided to craft myself a watchtower hall castle. I bought the recipe in grizzlehiem. I am having a hard time finding some of the ingrediants that i need. What I would like to know is other than the bazzar is any of the fallowing stuff avalable at furniture stores? Or are they items that i have to buy a recipe at a vendor and craft. I would greatly appriciate any help on this.

Carved stone tower
Ornamental stepping stones
Stack of wood planks
grassy mounds
water fountains

Where can i find these items or their recipes.

May 27, 2009
You need to craft most of those ingredients - the recipes can be found at the different recipe vendors throughout the spiral - Stack of wood planks for instance is in Olde Town, Ornamental Step Stone is in Krok, etc.

It may take a while, but it's worth the effort.

Good Luck!