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watchtower hall crafting!!

Mar 14, 2009
hey!! i'm crafting watchtower hall, and i would like to know where i can get the ornamental stepstones!! can i buy them at bazaar? do i craft them? if i craft them, where can i get the recipe??? plz reply this is the last thing i need!!

Sophia Lifeblade
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May 03, 2011
Jul 30, 2010
yep i know all about it just check every worlds vendors for things you neeed first then start getting reageants

Mar 07, 2011
It's taken me a couple weeks of some hard effort and time, but I'm 3 hours away from being able to craft it. It's very doable, but it's not an easy task.

I wouldn't even buy the house recipe until last, in case you decide to back out along the way. The recipes are at various vendors; you just have to look around. Then just pick one recipe and focus on it. I did the wood planks first because it made me feel like I did a lot, and kept me motivated to keep going. Then I picked another recipe, and focused on finishing that one. Then one day you will realize, all you really need is to buy the house recipe.

Grendels in Sudriland are easy targets with good drops for farming. Use your transmute spells or you might never finish it. Also, you might start collecting 32 Nature's Wrath, cause they are semi rare finds at the bazaar.

Mar 14, 2009
Thank you all who posted back!! Because of your help, i have finished the Watchtower Hall!! I appreciate your help very much once again, thank you all
Sophia Lifeblade
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