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Watchtower Hall

Sep 01, 2009
After three days of grinding away, clicking "sell," "buy," "sell," "buy" over and over again, and switching realms so often, I stopped knowing where I was, I crafted the Watchtower Hall. What an amazing crafted house. On the same day, I made it to Verdant Gardener, so now my Red Barn Farmhouse is a storage facility for all my extra housing items.

It's a tough recipe, but here are a few hints:

* Start out with a lot of gold. I mean a ton. Max gold. You'll need it.
* Write down not only the reagents you need to craft each item, but what you need for the transmute recipe. You'll save money by transmuting, and you're more likely to find the less rare reagent in the Bazaar.
* Find plants that drop what you need. This is an excellent time to get into gardening.
* Be patient. I was sick all last week, which is why it only took me three days to finish. Normally, it probably would have taken closer to two weeks. I also used the crafting elixir three times.
* Have a second house where you can store everything you make for the recipe. You do not want to carry around 30 stacked wooden planks, 15 ornamental stones, etc.
* Put all your reagents in your shared bank, and mark them off the list. DO NOT keep them with you-you might forget, and sell them.

Quick hint on achieving Verdant Gardener:

* Key Limes are your friend.

My Watchtower Hall is on the House Tour; if you happen to visit, hope you like it, and hope you get a chance to craft this wonderful house!

Erin Ice Weaver, Promethean Ice Wizard and Bandit, Mega Rescue Rover