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Wand Combination

Dec 21, 2009

In crafting you make wands, but what if there were recipes that involved combining two wands together to make a whole new, more powerful wand. Like say combining for example a staff of yadayada with a wand of whatchamacallit to make a staff of yadamacallit. The resulting wand is supposed to be more powerful by balancing the wands used to make the one.
Another example, say the recipe called for a wand with twenty critical rating, and one with twenty block rating. The resulting wand would have ten critical stats and ten block. But say the recipe called for a wan with fifty critical and a wand with twenty block. The resulting wand would balance it by making the new wand with thirtyfive critical and thirtyfive block. If you want the math I mean it's this.
Subtract fifteen from fifty and you get thirtyfive. Twenty plus fifteen equals thirty five. So basically take away fifteen critical change it to block and add it to the original block rate

I think it would be a neat idea to corporate.