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Very Unhappy about Crafting....

Feb 18, 2009
KI really should change this back. Crafting is fun for some people but definitely not for the rest of us. I have been a Grandmaster for awhile now and I have close to 70,000 coins with nothing to spend it on. I am not a fan of this crafting stuff and definitely not a fan of having to spend hours upon hours walking around looking for the scrap iron. I have been to all these places people keep saying on here where they are and I'm lucky to find 5 or 6 a day and I need 80 pieces to finish the quest in MB.

This is just down right ridiculous that we are FORCED to do this crafting to get good items (that are not even close to being as good as what it use to be). I am seriously considering quitting the game because they took the challenge out of the game and replaced it with garbage. I would like to play the actual game, NOT spend all of my time having to walk around looking for these items.

My suggestion is to have KI put back the high priced clothes, such as the Hat that comes with the Dryad card in Mooshu, in the shops for those of us who rather spend the money than do this crafting non-sense.

Hunter SilverHeart
Grandmaster Pyromancer/Diviner

Jan 27, 2009
You are absolutely not forced or required to do crafting. As many people, including you, have pointed out there is really nothing to be gained from crafting, other than doing crafting. So if you don't have fun doing crafting...you don't have to do it.

I for one hope that KI creates an advantage in the future for those who have spent time learning to craft. I can understand why they would limit it's benefits now since even as it is there are already too many wizards trying to get through it all at once. But who knows. Either way, if you don't like it at all, at least wait to see if there is a reason for you to do it in the future that overcomes your dislike.

Anyway, why quit when you can keep doing what you like and not doing what you don't like? If you ever find a game where you like doing everything in it...well you won't. And, at least in this case you don't even have to suffer through that part you don't like, so...well just think about it.

Also, took the challenge (what? buying gear for gold at a shop) out of the game and replaced it with garbage (what? crafting what you want or fighting for drops from mobs). Seriously?

Oct 03, 2008
I agree with all of this, there needs to be major changes to crafting. Not even the crafting in the hardcore games isn't as frustrating as the crafting in wizard101, a CASUAL GAME. I've noticed that they're making this game less nad less casual game, it's like they trying to make wizard101 into a hardcore game. :( The biggest timesink in wizard101 crafting is the crafting quests. They really ought to have you make just one of the required item to complete the quest, especially with high level crafting quests. The high level quests, as they are right now, take nearly a full month to complete.

About the rare reagents, the recipies should only call for 1 copy of the rare reagent, not multiple copies of reagents that can take as much as a full week to get in the needed amounts. Ultimately, the biggest problem with crafting is that it consumes too much time.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer

Oct 19, 2008
I think that the concept of crafting in the game was a good idea, but agree with the many, many people who think there needs to be major changes made. Greater amounts of rare reagents would be great, as well as benefits for those who have taken so much time to master this element of the game. Also, how about PROFITS? I was under the impression I could make gold through crafting but it doesn't seem to be possible.

Jan 11, 2009
I was lucky about having good items because I brought all the old items with cards on them (in the MooShu shops) now those are the best items i can find.

Then i took a break from Wizard101 for a few months then come back and there are no good items in shops any more :-(

My other charactors (still in Marleybone) have not got any good items and insted I need to spend hours cooldown time just to make a new Hat!

As for the questing side of it I think they should not have a cooldown time if the item is associated with a quest, also they should make finding the regents way eisier to find.

I think they should have crafting because it is fun the idea of being able to make loads of cool items your self but there are some big faults with it.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I was thinking about ways to make crafting worth it....perhaps if they offered new spells for each school which could only be crafted and only used by the crafter?

Ice 2-pip Ice Turtle: Reflects back half the damage from an attack.
Fire 2-pip Acts as a treasure card to modify Wyldfire, giving a +15% accuracy.
Storm 2-pip Checks the actual 'roll' for accuracy. If fizzled, convert to successful, but subtract the %missed from damage. If made, boost the spell by the % made. (note, this would increase it no more than a feint)
Life 3-pip Fertalizer: Negate incoming damage, convert half to life.
Death 3-pip Death's Assassin: Next damage/life-draining spell triggers but is not affected by negative damage modifers, including personal modifers.
Myth 2-pip Mighty Blow: After all damaged is modified, deal half to self and twice the amount to foe.
Balance 0-pip True Balance:The next damage spell cast is considered as balance (ie, you could you power pips for a non-school spell, and it is treated as balance for boosting, etc, spells)

Mar 08, 2009
I was trying to be very postitive on this crafting. I have been working on this since the testing realm. I have devoted most of my time to doing these quest, just to be extremely irritated by it. I love the crafting addition, but come KI this is a joke. I am on the final quest in DS and everyone thought scrap iron and diamonds were hard to get, think again. Black Pearls and Blood Moss are next to impossible. I have had better luck lately with black pearls, but the blood moss is ridicously hard to find. For example, Sunday night i spent several hours searching for red mandrake, hopped every realm and collected 39 red mandrake, with 0 blood moss. Okay, i thought maybe caught it on a bad night. So on Monday, i had a free day, so I searched the whole day in 3 different towns, hopped every realm twice and 1 town 3 times, collected 91 the first time around with 0 blood moss and another 62 mandrake for a total of 2 blood moss; this is a total of 192 mandrake, 2 blood moss. This is totally ridiculous. For those of you that get a 4-5% collected rate of the rarest of regants, you are extremly lucky and very far and few in between. This has got to be changed. I am not lying about this KI you can check my stats or whatever you do to follow players. As far as people saying you can buy these items in the bazaar , huh think again. 1 might show up every couple of days but it is gone as soon as it is posted. As for the other rare regants, they are only in the bazaar if someone sells them to the vendor. ie... black pearls, blood moss, grendleweed, and fire blossoms. The vendor does not stock them like the more common regants. And since I am a grandmaster and cannot craft anything of use until i reached the master artian, this has become a real nightmare. and before you all start bashing me I have finished every quest, helped several other people when they needed help, have two other wizards that are on hold so I can finish this crafting quest, and farmed every boss that is still available several times over.
KI you need to relook at this crafting before people just get to fed up with this and walk away.

May 06, 2009
Now that I've made it to Master Artisan and crafted most of the Wyrm furniture as well as the carousel, I can say without a doubt that crafting for higher level wizards is just not worth it. It was not fun or rewarding in any way. In fact, it was the least enjoyable, most frustrating experience I've had on any MMO EVER. The only reason I was able to get as far as I did is because I was somewhat ahead of the crowd in terms of both farming rare reagents and being able to buy what I couldn't find in the bazaar (which still took hours of reloading and a LOT of gold). Unfortunately for me, I have one of those personalities that has to finish what I start.

I was able to gather the scrap iron, even before the update, because not many people were crafting yet. The diamonds and black pearls were doable but very time consuming, boring and I sometimes had a less that 1% return rate on the black pearls. The blood moss and grendelweed were impossible for me to find and I ended up having to purchase all of it in the bazaar. I also ended up purchasing many of the 35 springs I needed for the carousel. Total cost of the carousel including the 40,000 gold for the recipe, was over 70,000 gold.

Last week I started a new wizard and I've gathered what reagents I came across just to see if she'll have gathered enough to do the higher level quests by the time she reaches GM. I just started MB with her and so far have only a couple blood moss and diamonds. Needless to say, I doubt very much I'll be crafting with her.

What I don't understand is why KI would put so much time and effort into adding an aspect of the game that almost everyone dislikes in its current form and only a small percentage of their customers can finish. :?

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
No one who has tried the crafting questions is going to bash, but only moan with the same feelings.

It is easy until you get to the final two crafting quests. Black Pearls and BloodMoss....all I can say is arrrgggggg.

I would actually like to see another quest thrown in, that of learning to remove the essence of blackness from the lotus and use it to create a black peral, or to pull the, umm, blood(??), from mandrake, to form bloodmoss, etc.

Another major improvement would be to only sell level 3+ reagents at the bazaar, to make sure they stay in circulation, and to have the shop keeper have one available every 3-5 mins, even if he has to import from another world. For some reason, he doesn't understand the demand-supply thing.

Jul 20, 2008
I am going to have to chime in and echo the frustrations of crafting. My 7 year old wants the furniture which is the only reason we have attempted to muddle through this...

Our family has played since Beta and really enjoyed this game. However, after Dragonsprye was released and we completed that - we took a break for a few months and returned to a game we had played pre-wizards. When crafting and Grizzlehelm were released we came back... Grizzlehelm was very enjoyable - but considering we have not been given any XP in over 9 months - we are not thrilled about having completed it... Crafting started out as fun - but not something we could do together...

My husband had begun the process of looking for diamonds for about an hour before work and after a day or 2 of finding 1 - 0 diamonds... he asked me to find them for him, which I did (UGH). But, that was nothing compared to the black pearl nightmare... When we sit down the idea of looking for any more of these makes me not even want to turn this game on...

I can repeat the same stories as so many people I have read about, but I don't feel the need, I really really look forward to this being improved...

Jun 23, 2009
scrap iron is no big deal, you can just buy it at the bazaar. but the cool down time, that's a problem.

why should i wait 1 hour just so i can craft 1 little ring?

the cool down time needs to:

2)get sliced in half, and then in half again.

pick one please :P

May 09, 2009
I agree, the cool down time is just silly. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is even there.

So let me ask KI this... once I learn to craft, can I make my own recipes and design my own stuff? If not, why bother with any of it?

I still love the rest of the game though.

Jan 07, 2009
skwidleyd wrote:
I agree, the cool down time is just silly. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is even there.

So let me ask KI this... once I learn to craft, can I make my own recipes and design my own stuff? If not, why bother with any of it?

I still love the rest of the game though.

OH I could just hug you for saying that, why you ask? They advertised we would be making our own stuff. OWN?? it's not our own it's KI's stuff we are making, I want something I can put different things in, not from a cookie cutter.
What I'd like to see is something for storm that would give them keen eyes built in for less fizz, and fire too for that matter. And give poor life wizards something that hits that don't take the farm in pips to have it fizz when casted. How do I know this happens? because it happens to me when I'm playing my life girl. Even my balance girl fizz rate is 5 times what other wizards for balance is, why is this even possible?

I move we put all of the clothes zeke used to have with cards back and dump the crafting before someone goes postal!

May 09, 2009
I agree about wanting more accuracy for my fire/storm/ice wizards. I also want to have Wizard City style clothing for my high level wizard who lives in Wizard City Castles! Why would he want to dress like a Krokotopian or someone from Dragonspyre? He wants the pointy hat with flowing robes. However as a high level wiz, he want all the extra life, resistance, accuracy and Power PIP percent that the DS clothes will give him when he reaches that level. In like fashion, my Balance wiz who lives in Krokotopia wants to dress that way and my life wiz who lives in Marleybone wants to get dressed up all "hoi tea toy tea" like the rest of the town. Right now he looks out of place at home. His "PIP" outfit even makes him look fat. My Myth wiz who lives in Mooshu will be abel to dress like a Mooshuite while he is playing there but when he moves on to DS he will have to wear DS style clothes to compete and that should not be. Even my death wiz who lives in DS but is not yet fighting there would like to look the part even if he does not qualify for the extra perks of the clothing. So for whatever my wizards are leveled to qualify for would be nice for me to find reagents to add those things to the style of clothing I want them to wear. For that matter, if I have to find a LOT of extra of any given item to boost a certain power, I should be able to really jack up the perks no matter what level I am. If I am willing to search and find or buy the reagents, level should not matter as much for what I build into the clothes. I think those would be great features for crafting. Plus, the time spent searching for stuff should be the "delay time". Once I have all the stuff, crafting should be an instant reward.