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Unobtainable Piggle Treasure Cards

Dec 20, 2008
Who would have guessed that I'd have obtained more than enough Amber to craft a spell before being able to obtain enough Piggle Treasure cards. Even with the sale of treasure card packs, I've spent a sizeable amount looking for the Piggle treasure card. I obtained 2 cards over the last several months and I need 10. Come on KI, you need to adjust the drop rate on the Piggle cards or allow us to create a treasure card by adding a charm to the card cast by your pet. I know I am not the first to bring up this issue and ask for a resolution. I just couldn't locate the previous discussion string. Thanks for reconsidering this.

Moira Stormweaver
Level 98

Jul 26, 2013
I agree I have everything to make piggsie treasure card except the piggsie tc cards. There is no way I can find to get it. I'm not getting any from loremaster or any from the hoard packs. Please can you reconsider making a recipe for piggsie tc for life school? thanks