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Unable to get certain recipes from vendors

Jan 23, 2018
So I am so confused as to why I am unable to get recipes from certain vendors. I am a level 65 myth that is also a grandmaster artisan. I was able to craft the stellar signet from aegeus but when I go to get the recipe for cosmic kris, it’s unable for me. The athame section for the vendor is grayed out, you can’t even get to the recipe. Same thing for Chester chamberlain in the floating lands. He is a wand and deck recipe vendor. But I only get the option of buying wand recipes not the deck recipes, those are also grayed out like he doesn’t sell them. Please help, no one knows the answer.

Alexander Mythhorn

Apr 15, 2012
A few questions that come to my mind are:

1. Are they requiring a higher crafting level than you are?

2. Are the items you want, possibly not available for your wizard?

3. Do you not have the cash to buy them?

If you pass al that, then I don't know. Good luck in the future

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I agree with Melody.

Make sure you've reached the proper crafting level. (To craft stuff in Celestia, you must have completed the Celestian crafting quest - make an amulet.)

Make sure you're not trying to buy a recipe for gear that's restricted to your wizard. (By level or by school.)

Make sure you have enough gold.

Make sure you've quested to that actual area where the NPC is located. (This last one is tricky. Like you, I had a level 35 wizard who had done the Grandmaster crafting quest and, when she tried to buy a recipe for a tapestry to Jade Palace ... she couldn't. She was not able to buy it until she actually got to Mooshu by questing. So, if your wizard hasn't quested into the Crustacean Empire yet, that could be what's holding you back. This particular restriction is hit-or-miss -- the same wizard I just described could buy a tapestry into Dragonspyre and Celestia! So yea, it's random.)

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven