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Turquoise Transmute?

Dec 09, 2008
It might just be me but I think we need a turquoise transmute. I am trying to craft my new robes, shoes, and hat, but I can't get the turquoise. I have been farming this boss that drops turquoise and out of 15 battles with him I won 1 turquoise. That just makes me not want to worry with it.

I would like to see a turquoise transmute but then I worry it will be something like the amber transmute which is the most useless transmute ever. I mean has anyone serious ever used that transmute to make any amber?

May 19, 2012
Hi Jack

Yes I have used the Transmute Amber myself about 6 times now. I used to farm lots of Waterworks for Mastery Amulets. Only ever got 1 Storm Mastery in 500 tries :D and 200 x Mirror lake farming for pet snacks.

Which is how i got the Merles Beard and Amber Dust needed in Crafting.

as for Turquoise Occasionally you find them in Bazaar. if you refresh reagents faster then trying to find sunstone occasionally you find some but you have to be super fast.

So far i bought about 20 Turquoise in bazaar with about 4 hours refreshing :D

Best of luck :)