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Turquoise mutate card

Feb 02, 2013
Please add a transmute card for this reagent. There are transmute cards for every other reagent, including diamonds! Make it difficult to obtain if you must but the scarcity, or near lack of turquoise, makes crafting very frustrating at high levels. We are battling ever tougher monsters and trying to craft better equipment for ourselves and they all require turquoise. Perhaps you could make it so that one of the NPCs changes status after defeat into a card trader and offers a transmute card for this reagent. This is the one thing that is sorely needed and missing at this time.

Mar 12, 2013
Seconded, I'm already at Alto Alto AND helping two other wiz through Az and have only gotten ONE (1) turquoise after weeks of awful, cheating, triple minion, chain-medusa-spamming boss hijinks.

Make it available in Three Points, I do not want to have to finish the game to get the transmute crafting recipe TYVM. Even having to wait until Calmecac Library seems lame, since you need it BEFORE you can enter there

I don't care how much gold it costs, as long as my Legendary Crafter can buy it; or "convince" a very early boss to show me the secret. Maybe someone in Three Points, or perhaps Cenote or Mangrove Marsh. "Hey guys here's your crafting quest - beat Xibalba and you can get the transmute" - NO, WRONG.

Make the components logical and fair. E.g. compressing 20-30 aquamarine together gives you one turquoise; or mashing a number of jade and sapphire and diamonds together gives you turquoise. What I don't want to see is "oh hey here's your transmute recipe, you mash 500 amber together and you get one turquoise, have fun"