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Turquoise is not my color

Feb 16, 2010
Surely that must be the reason turquoise eludes me so often.

I've soloed Azteca on one wizard (and almost on another), started it with friends on several others, and done a bit of farming in Aquila with friends and yet turquoise drops for me have been almost non existant. Most of the limited turquoise I have, I've managed to scrounge from the bazaar. But I simply do not have the time to spend hours farming the bazaar (not to mention that would likely put me to sleep, thus making me miss what turquoise was there).

Since the Azteca release is a year old isn't it high time that we got a transmute turquoise spell or a gardening source for turquoise? Turquoise is the only reagent needed for crafting that has no other source other than drops and buying packs. Amber Dust and Merle's Whiskers are also dropped reagents, but to my knowledge they aren't readily used in recipes yet, just for transmuting amber. As a result of this turquoise shortage, my crafting is practically at a standstill. There are so many wonderful items to craft but for want of turquoise, will go uncrafted.

Please KI, with the next content release, please consider adding a reasonable turquoise transmute spell and a gardening source for turquoise. And remember, if you do add a gardening source, it should be from something that you could garden at no higher than Azteca levels, since that is where turquoise begins being used. It won't help us if it drops from a plant with Rank 7 pests that we can't do anything with until we get to Khrysalis. Thanks for your consideration!