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May 31, 2009
I have tried to buy this regent in Bazaar but it is so fast selling i can not seem to purchase one at all. Has game made options for players needing this item and cant get? Or do we just forget the craft? I know you can probably get this as a drop, but has game informed players where they can get the drop? It seems the game is not clear on a lot of things. Cant Purchase, so what next?
Also if my plants don't cough up some amber soon, i will avoid all crafting attached to Gardening. Gardening for long time and not one single Amber regent. Has game made provisions for players that can not get the Amber? I am asking because if crafting and gardening is going to be all this Meaning not being able to get the items you need , then maybe i need to stop crafting and gardening. Its one thing to spend a little time doing something, but another when it turns into weeks with no progress. Yes weeks trying to purchase Regents, and weeks trying to garden for regents.

Jan 21, 2011
Almost every single boss, and perhaps a few MoBs, drop turquoise in Azteca.