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Dec 09, 2008
Anyone know the best ways to get Turquoise? I camped out at the bazaar and saw one or two but wasn't quick enough to get them. I know they drop from certain bosses but I still haven't gotten any off the bosses I been farming. Anyone have any advice how to get my hands on some Turquoise?

Aug 21, 2009
Just keep doing your Story Line Quest from Azteca. Almost EVERY Boss drops them. By the time you finish Azteca, you'll get them.

Jan 11, 2010
I have completed Azteca, and no, you don't always get enough by the time you finish Azteca. I got enough to craft my hat, robe and boots, which was a total of 6 turquoise and I got some of those from farming. And I do all quests, not just mainline quests. Now I still need 8 more to do the 2 rings I want to craft. Will be farming in Mangrove Marsh for the next week or so to get them. I've not been lucky enough to even see any in the bazaar. And can anyone provide the name of the boss in Mangrove Marsh that goes with the pic in an earlier post, but the pic doesn't show who the boss is and the wizard didn't provide?

Oct 15, 2010
I have finished Azteca doing all quests and do not even have enough to craft one balance robe. I farmed Xibalba and got a couple, but it is a long dungeon to maybe get one...you dont always get them. It will take many times through there to get enough for the whole outfit and I'm not one to stand in the bazaar for hours and hours clicking constantly only to get beat by a faster clicker...

im giving up for now and get my other wizards through Azteca. Maybe KI will loosen up the drops a little bit in the future

Jan 22, 2011
Almost all the bosses of Azteca give it, ok, but I've been farming for a week now and I've only gotten enough to craft fire boots and robe. Does anyone know which bosses have a higher drop rate? This is a tad over the edge of slightly ridiculous.

Aug 21, 2009
I meant enough to finish the Crafting Quest not every single piece of clothing that you wanted to craft However, I had no problems with Turquoise whatsoever. Maybe I got lucky, because by the time I finished Azteca, I had enough for everything.

Feb 10, 2009
It almost always shows up in bazaar every once in a while. I got lots of Turquoise by straight refreshing and farming.