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Treasure Card Gear Crafting glitch?

Oct 10, 2009
Ok, I have had this happen to me twice now that I noticed but whenever I craft something using Treasure cards like hats, boots, or robes it resets the number of Treasure cards I have for whatever I was crafting to zero but I still have them in my inventory.


I crafted the Storm hat and boots this morning in Dragonspyre since my robe was better but my hat and boots were starting to get old. The hat had to have 10 Krakens while the boots had to have 9. I crafted my hat and when I went to craft my boots it said I had zero Krakens but I had bought 19 Krakens before hand. The other 9 Krakens were still in the Treasure card inventory but it still said on the crafting screen I had zero (Yes, they were the right kind. They didn't have the mark on the side of them like some do). I did log out then back in but it still said I had zero Krakens.

The other time this happened was when I was doing the Master Crafter badge quest and I had to buy them all over again to make another robe.

Has this happened to anyone else? Its kind of annoying to have to waste gold over something I already have