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Treasure Card Crafting

Jul 12, 2009
Today I bought one of those card crafting stations. I realized I didn't have any recipies for treasure cards, so I went to that crafting lady in WC and shopped or recipies there. Problem is she didn't have any! Then, I went to the guy in KT and he didn't have any either! At that point I decided that the lady in MB didn't have them either. So I logged off. The question is, do you know anyone who has recipies for Treasure Cards? Thanks.

Ethan Iceblood lvl.28 life wizard ;)

Aug 03, 2009
The only person you can buy Treasure Card recipes from in your School Tree. You are not allowed to buy recipes from other school trees, regardless of your crafting level. Just be warned, there are Treasure Cards which require each level of crafting. So there are a few available right off the bat, some for Novice Crafter, some for Apprentice, some for Initiate, 2 or 3 for Adept, and finally, the big Master Artisan card. THe Master Artisan is your best spell: for Balance, it is a 30% boosting Balanceblade, and for the other six, I am pretty sure it is your lvl 42 card with extra strength.

May 27, 2009
Treasure card recipes are sold by the School Trees -- you can only purchase and craft those from your main school.