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transmuting fossil

Dec 11, 2010
hi i amtrying to get legendary artisian and having been told that the best wa to get fossil was to go to three places to get transmuting fossil i went off to get it in celestia and dragonspyre but when i get there the spell was in none of the places. i thought well it could be a glitch so waited till the next day and tried again still no card what is going on i am already half way through zamunda and would like to get higher gear but need legendary artisian to do this please help me or if it has been taken off for any reason please tell me so that i can stop hoping to finish this quest

Feb 29, 2012
You should be able to get the transmute spell from Celestia up, maybe even dragonspyre.
If you see the transmute recipes for sale and transmute fossil is clearly not there, you probably already have the recipe.
That just happened to me with a recipe for an athame. I had bought the recipe previously so it was not listed as "for sale" by the recipe vendor.
Just click on the treasure card tab on the vendor and you should see all the transmute recipes for sale.
If not, and you are certain you do not already have it, send KI an email explaining the bug.
Good luck

Feb 24, 2009
Try stone town for stone blocks. Then transmute them! (Works, proven with 500 stone blocks currently ;))