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Trading Reagents

May 06, 2010
Need some rare reagents for that special item your crafting? Well what if a friend had those items you needed, well of course they would give you those items if they didnt need them. Wwith the idea of trading reagents, players would be able to get reagents faster without scavenging the worlds of the spiral or camping at the bazaar and waiting for one to pop up. This idea might just work out. Lets say.. You need 30 pieces of scrap iron and 10 black pearls. Well maybe instead of going all over marleybone and mooshu to find these reagents, maybe just maybe a friend has that amount. Well you could easily trade the reagents. Simple isn't it? Wwith this idea coming to life, players would be able to craft what they want faster. It usually takes a day to scavenge the reagents needed for just ONE recipe. Wwell with the reagent trading, you would be able to craft items even faster! Who agrees with me??

Please don't make Zeke repeat himself.

The issue of trade of items between different characters has been covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.