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Tower Shields?

May 29, 2009
Went to see about crafting some tower shields and went to the ice tree in wizard city, it gave a list of item I would need ( didn't have ) and then said 450 gold...?

Can go to the card shop and buy them for a flat 450 gold without needing any of the crafting stuff. So did I miss something or do wizard 101 need to get their stuff togetter?

May 31, 2009
when you buy the crafting spell from the tree you own it you don`t have to buy it each time you make a tower shield, you couldjust buy the card but just picking up reagents as you play is cheaper

Community Leader
I see what you are saying ,I had to check it out :) I think crafting is still better if you think about it the reagents it asks for are very easy to come by most free and easily farmed.

450 yes for the recipe but you can make many for that price ;) all you need are the reagents. When I looked at the recipe I would of been able to make 10 for 450 without even trying to get reagents, just what I had on hand..

Hope this helps