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Tips on Crafting Watchtower Hall.

Aug 25, 2014
I am quite new to the game and I am wondering on the best way to gather what I need to build the Watchtower Hall. I am working on the quests to get master crafting and looking ahead I notice that it is going to require a lot to get everything. I assume I am going to need to do quite a bit of farming and I was wondering if it was better to farm for materials or for items to sell to buy from the Bazaar? Any suggestions are welcome.

Sep 17, 2012
All the items needed for it must be crafted. Yes it's possible that someone sells some of them in the Bazaar, but not likely. There's really nothing rare in the ingredients in those recipes, it's more just a matter of the time needed to craft them all. All the cooldown times add up to a lot of work. Most of the ingredients for the crafted items needed to make the house can be bought in the bazaar though.