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Time of Lengends

May 20, 2009
Am currently thinking about crafting this spell card and incorporating the resulting spell into my spell deck. However questions have now arose that needs some answers. #1 Which specific school is this spell from (so I can purchase the recipe card)? And #2 Once I have (or manage to acquire the recipe card) can this be crafted

May 31, 2010

The time of legend recipe is a Myth school card that can be purchased from the Myth tree in Ravenwood for 400 gold, and must be an initiate crafter in order to craft it on the card crafting station.

It might also be worth noting that in order to purchase these cards in Ravenwood from the trees, you have to be a student of that school. Only a myth wizard will be able to purchase the time of legend recipe. Time of legend is also not sold at the libraries. So it will need to be crafted. or if your lucky enough to stumble upon a NPC that might drop it.

You can trade crafted treasure cards between players. You can not trade the enchanted treasure cards.