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Through crafting we should be able to...

Feb 08, 2009
Make our own combonations of clothes and equipment not determined recipes but like a new set of clothing where you have a list of all reagents each one has an advantage like pips, resist, strength, accuracy ect this is what i think they should be.

Citrine-Balance-for every 2 it gives one strength, accuracy, and resist for balance.

Jade-life-for every to gives boosted healing out and in strength, accuracy, resist for life.

Death-you know school jewel-same as above but with boosted stealing

myth-school jewel- same as before strenghth, accuracy, resist plus gives extra pips for minions spells like if it had a total of 3 for X it is increased by 1 for every 2

storm-school jewel-boosts life and accuracy by 200 health and 2 accuracy for every 3 plus the SARFS(strength,accuracy,resist for school) boosts

ice-school jewels-attack is boosted by 3 for every 2 plus SARFS boosts

fire-ruby-same as above-DOT attacks automatically get 25% boost when used plus SARFS boosts

Give me a list of all reagents and i can continue

May 27, 2009
I think this is a good idea. Master Artisans should be able to create unique things like this. Maybe you wouldn't be able to sell it or trade it, but at least you could make something better than the DS gear available.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
We may not have yet reached the top level of crafting. Perhaps many of the things you are suggesting may be learned in the next world(s). ???