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This is so rare...

Nov 27, 2011
HI, i was in wizard101 wiki checking how to get ectoplasm, i was just curious, and i pressed transmute ectoplasm
For that you need 5 leather straps, and i pressed transmute leather straps, needs 5 bones (actually that makes no sense ) Then i pressed transmute bone, and thats 5 bronze gear, then i pressed transmute bronze gear and tthat needs 5 spider silk, pressed transmute spider silk and it needs 5 ectoplasm... i started in ectoplasm and finished in ectoplasm, so basically you can make ectoplasm with ectoplasm you can make ectoplasm with spider silk, and you can make spider silk with ectoplasm LOL. I noticed any of these reagents are sold by a reagent vendor (not counting bazaar cause i know there are tons of all these there
So what you think?
Richard FrostBreeze level 78
Steven Blade level 58
Luke level 48
William level 28
Brahm Nightshade level 23

Aug 23, 2009
The reagents you mention and the ectoplasm loop you describe are most likely the result of all of them being base, level 1 reagents. Though cheap and easy to come by, if you can easily transmute it can save time and gold if you have a large amount of one not needed and nee another. Just a thought as you requested.