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The reagent Amber?

Oct 23, 2012
I acquired all six of the crafting cards in MooShu but without success of finding the Amber necessary to finish their crafting. I understand that I must perform numerous PvP challenges to earn a tiny number of Amber reagents. 5k PvP points just for 1 Amber, and, of course, the PvP requirements for Amber Dust is logically prohibitive! That Wizard 101 has been objecting to many of its players using permitted techniques to help our characters over these little hunches, such as changing servers continually in the lobby of Dragonspire to aquire more stone and ore over a short period of time, yet excluding its own designers from making within plausibility the acquisition of other reagents (I.e., such as Amber), should strongly be reconsidered by the game's designers--this is a huge issue to the game's players, including my family. We subscribe to the game on an annual basis (12 month membership), and would like to continue to play; but due to some of the unqualified complaints by game designers, in light of their own apparent difficulty in answering the complaints of its players, many of the players, including my family, are considering canceling our memberships.

Jun 27, 2013
If you're Level 30, you can hit Mount Olympus and farm the Gladiator for Amber.

Sep 17, 2012
The Secret Bosses in all three Aquila dungeons tend to drop both Amber and Dust rather frequently. Amber Dust and Merle's Whisker can be farmed from the spiders in Mirror Lake and transmuted into Amber. Amber is really not that difficult to get. It just takes work.

Sep 17, 2012