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The marleybone crafter is mean!

Jul 21, 2009
So listen, I have been waiting MONTHS for W101 to pick up that i have already finished the marleybone crafting quests. I sold the stingers of the scorpian, made 2 more and it wont let me finish the quest!! And i already made both constellation jewels. PLZ HELP! :(

Sep 11, 2010
a) Are you certain that you have the correct Athames in your inventory?

b) Have you sent a ticket to Mr. Lincoln for help?

c) Once again, ensure that you have the correct items. Review the quest dialogue in your quest log (click on the Review Dialogue button in the upper left corner of your quest) to ensure that you have the correct item(s) made.

Jul 15, 2009
Does your quest have you at the point where you should be talking to the crafter?

If so, you need to make sure that both Constellation Jewels and both Stingers of the Scorpions are in your backpack. You can't give them to the crafter if you don't have them on you.

May 02, 2009
Just crafting them isnt enough. When you go to turn in the crafting quest, you have to make sure you have ALL of the items neeeded for the quest in your backpack. Otherwise, you'll continue to be stuck.

Once you craft them, however, if you mistakenly sold one of the items, then you can just buy another, as long as you have already crafted the item beforehand, as it will not work otherwise (by that i mean you cant have 2 bought stingers of the scorpion/constellation jewels and expect to finish the quest).

What I like to do is whenever I craft an item, I put it in my bank so I dont sell it by mistake.

Just remember to have all the crafted items in you backpack before you turn in the quest, otherwise you wont be able to get the mooshu crafting quest.

I hope I helped some.

Jul 21, 2009