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The Diamonds and the Ore

Aug 10, 2009
One day, a found wizard was looking for a bunch of diamonds for a crafting quest. He knew he had to get them as rare harvests from ore. But no matter how many ore he took, he couldn't find any. This made the wizard sad. That wizard.... is me. Seriously! Where can I get diamonds anywhere! I can't get any off ore, can't find anyone who drops them, and they are never at the bazaar! Please help me! I have to finish the dragons pyre crafting quest so bad! Please help find them! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Mar 04, 2010
To find the diamonds in the Bazaar is very rare, as, most times, other wizards often wait in the Bazaar specifically to grab rare reagents when someone sells them. Unless you specifically wait in a Bazaar, and are constantly on top of the inventory of the reagents, the likelyhood of getting one of them is pretty low.

The Diamonds are a rare drop to the Ore, and sometimes it can get frustrating, but keep collecting the ore and you will eventually get it.

There is, however, a Transmute Diamonds recipe that you can purchase from either Felicia Worthington or Kimba Kalla. You have to be at minimum an Apprentice Crafter to use it however, and you will need the 'Card Crafting Station' to use it.

The Card Crafting Station can be purchased from either Nessa Lightblade, Zhi Lan, Neville Cobblestone, or Ea'rik.

Once you have these two items, the card and the crafting table, you can transmute the reagent into the diamonds you need.