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teapot quest/ training points

Jul 25, 2010
hiya i am seth titanblood level 57 an i need 2 know where to get a housing crafting table 2 craft a tea pot for someoni and how to i become an adept crafter? i need 2 more training points that will give meh 1 so i need 1 more i need 2 no w2hen will i get 1 more thanks

May 27, 2009
Housing Crafting Station is available from any furniture vendor except in Wizard City. To get to Adept Crafter status, you neeed to complete the crafting quests from Wizard City, Krok, Marleybone and Mooshu. When you complete the Krok quests, you are given a second crafting slot, and when you complete Mooshu, you will get a third slot.

Good luck!