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Teach your minion

May 08, 2009
Now i know most of you are going to hate this idea.I just thought when the level cap was expanded,on level 51 you could learn the same minion you know now but this minion would be teachable.You could teach it spells by you being able do craft treasure cards.

For example, say i was an apprentice crafter who was fire.After buying the spells from bernie,my minion would know sunbird and meteor strike.

The thing is there are lots of flaws.People would say"Now storm is overpowered bla bla ba.Just an idea.

Post your response.

Jul 11, 2009
I agree! This is a GREAT idea! The only problem is, as you level up, your minion learns spells WITH you. Like I'm a Magus Theurgist, (Life) and just recently, my minion knows Satyr! So, From 1-10 I give this idea an 8! And, since EVERYONE can craft, nobody would be overpowered! So maybe KingsIsle will approve this!