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Talking to Balthazar Dragonthorn

Mar 26, 2009
I've made both Rings of Apotheosis and my quest says to talk to Balthazar Dragonthorn, the Master Artisan. But each time (about 5 times now) I go there, above him is a grey question mark and he still says he's waiting for the rings. I've waited for the cooling time to be done to make sure it wasn't that. Is there something I'm doing wrong???

May 22, 2009
Are you eqiping the rings?Because i've found that if you wear them he thinks you haven't made them.Just a thoery.

Morgan Stormheat Lv45

May 27, 2009
If you started the quest before the big Update, there is a bug that keeps him from recognizing that you have the two rings. Crafting another item sometimes resets the count, but some people have had to craft a third ring to get him to talk to them. But you can't have bought them, and you can't have them equipped. They have to be ready in your backpack for him to take. Also, some people have mentioned that they can't turn in crafting quests if their backpack is full.

Just some suggestions...

May 06, 2010
What about my problem? The quest says to talk to him, but I know I didn't make them. Is it possible that they were dropped by a boss or mob and I picked them up and sold them?

May 27, 2009
There is another glitch that sometimes happens with this guy's tasks. Transmuting a reagent sometimes counts as making the item, but then of course you don't have the item in your backpack to turn in. So, even though it's telling you to talk to him, it won't count until you have the two items he requested. Confusing, I know, but nobody drops the items you need to craft. You could try buying them at the Bazaar -- good luck with that!

Mar 22, 2010
The same thing happened to me with the Marleybone crafting quest :(