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Sunstone update?!

Jun 20, 2009
Ok so yesterday i started working on the cl house that you have to craft. i am ok with fighting the boss for the shield and even some of the rarer regents because i do have some time to kill but when i was last on here the fish in the science center dropped sunstone and sandstone. so i thought i would be able to craft this house in like two weeks. NOT. i battled fish for 2 hours straight and nothing. nada. zip. Any one willing to tell me whats up? was there an update or do i just need to keep going, cause if thats true thats fine but i can find anything on the web thats up to date. plesae post anything you think that will help Thanks!

Megan Seagem lvl 60 Storm
Megan Fariygem lvl 49 Life

May 22, 2009
From my understanding, when Celestia was first released, there was a shortage of stone because the only way to get sunstone was to transmute it from sandstone which could only be found by transmuting stone. To solve some of the problems KI made it to where you could get sandstone and sunstone from bosses in the sun district. After that it seemed almost ever MoB was dropping sandstone or sunstone. I am not sure, but I believe having that many drops of that reagent was a mistake. Not long after that change, there as another and now that reagent don't drop from the MoB's near as often if it does drop at all. I have gotten sunstone and sandstone from the bosses in the Chancel. I have also gotten both reagents as a reward from Maelstrom Snapdragons.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life

Sep 26, 2009
I dont know what happened either, when i was questing there the fish dropped sunstone and sandstone, supposedly before that they didn't, not they don't again?? Its confusing because i cant seem to get anything either.

Nov 01, 2010
hmm i could be wrong but i seem to remember getting a ton of these while harvesting my Maelstrom Snap Dragons.

Community Leader
I know the pylon bosses in Stormriven drops sunstone and sandstone . There is also the Chancel(Solarium) shark bosses that drop these.