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Storm Gear for level 50?

Jun 01, 2014
Hi everyone ok so I need help on getting some good gear I'm Level 50.So my gear gives ok health i at least want 2,000 or more health and maybe some resistance and accuracy and damage i don't know if there is any gear like that or not i'm working on crafting so i can craft the wintertusk gear and i think thats good.I don't mind spending money unless it is a lot of money i have like about maybe 60,000 gold.So thanks for your replays and cya later

Blake Level 51(very close to 52)

Mar 13, 2014
If you can complete the quests and find the reagents for Wintertusk gear that is probably your best bet. Otherwise you are likely best off just going to the bazaar and finding the best bazaar gear available at your level. There isn't any bazaar gear at level 50 that is much better than what's available at level 45, though. The substantial improvements show up at level 56 and 58, though there are a few nice level 52 items. 60K gold may not be enough for one of the best of everything, but it should be enough to get several items. If you run out of gold just go questing for a while and come back when your backpack is close to full with the random loot drops, and sell them.

Rather than hand you a list I suggest you visit the bazaar and do your own research. Its important to realize that the columns in the bazaar window can be clicked on to sort them. First check the "usable" box, then click the school column once to sort out the schools, then click the level column twice to list items highest usable level first. In most cases the best gear will be of your own school, though occasionally you can find a slightly better item in the any school group if you want to take the time to check through those.

Once you reach level 60 the waterworks hat, robe and boots are clearly the best general purpose gear in the game you can get before qualifying for Tartarus at level 90.

Jun 01, 2014