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Storing Crafting items

Dec 20, 2008
Ok, so now through finds, drops, and purchases, I have crafting items that I need to hold to to while I collect more, but my backpack is close to full. Where can I store them? I tried my bank and wasn't given that option. Ditto the attic and nothing I can see about the tables give storage. So, if you have a crafting quest that requires items galore, where do you keep them until you have enough?

Autumn MistSong

Jun 08, 2009
If you're talking about storing reagents, then no, you can't put them in the bank.

The limit on reagents is 99 of any one type and 1000 in total. So, if you're close to the 1000 limit and you still need to collect more diamonds, for example, then you will have to use up/sell off something else (mist wood, stone blocks, black lotus, etc.) to make room.

I agree, though, the crafting tables should be able to store reagents. Either that or make it so we can store reagents in the bank.

Sophia Moondust
Master Pyromancer, Master Artisan

Dec 20, 2008
Thanks for the info Sophia.

I didn't realize we could hold that many crafting items in the backpack. I thought we still had the 99 item limit.

Still, I would like to have a place to store them rather than have them in the backpack.