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Stone Blocks and Ore

Jul 04, 2010
The post for reagents and where to find them is so long now I thought that I would put this under a new subject heading. Go to Dragon Spyre Atheneum. Near the bridge from the Basillica you will find a Lava Flower (?) near the river of lava. Then proceed to the siegels. There you may find from zero to two ores. If you don't find both of them proceed across the street. There is a building that has a path that goes around behind it. To the side of the building you will find the ore. Behind the building you will find 2 stone blocks. So the Athenum alway yields 1 lava flower, 2 ores, and 2 stone blocks. When picked up you could get more. If they are not there it means someone was there before you. Switch realms and do the route again. Try to do it during non-peak playing times. This is usally at night and during the day on non-holidays. Good luck!