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Sreiously? What's going on?

Jan 23, 2009
I level my death (at first) to grandmaster Crafter. Then after I realize that you can not craft balance gear without a blance crafter (did not know this already) I leveled my balance. But now that i have the crafter AND the regeants all I need to do is create hydra now I think the ONLY WAY to create the hyra required to craft this gear has to be crafted as well.

Come on! This is like planting I cant enjoy the game is EVERY step is so involved I am forced to dedicate myself to one thing at a time. I play a lot but I still have a life. What is with all the "long way around" projects?

Come on KI you are well aware that many of us are adults and as adults we can not come online EVERYDAY! So why is it that all the new things require commitment. I had to just let my plants die. because if I had to skip a few days they would cost too much just to keep them alive. Of course once treated they regress and I spent energy healing them and collecting no harvest.

So now I have two plants at a time I will plant if any at all. And I am going back to NOT crafting except when needed in quests (which is wrong to force us to be crafters whether or not we are interested) we have to be adept crafters to get training points -really?)

It is obvious I really like the game but give me a break! I am starting to get annoyed that this game is becoming all about who can spend the most money. Little else. I have NO idea what the storyline is in celestia and after 4 legends you'd think I would have figured it out. but I haven't.

Oh and btw the new critical aspect takes the skill and the fun out of pvp. imho.

Sep 20, 2009
May 22, 2009

My Life wizard became a grandmaster artisan about a month ago. I used her to craft the gear for my balance wizard. Unless they changed that within that month, you should still be able to craft gear used by another school.

Now Hydra is hard to find. I did use my balance wizard to make most of the hydra cards. I did manage to find a few at the bazaar. They are rare and go quickly.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 60 Life