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May 08, 2009
KI this is directed towards you. What is the purpose of your spawning times? I go through the entire list of realms (30) at 1 minute each that is atleast a half hour yes?) 30 minutes go back to where I started and STILL I wait for the reagent to spawn back. I mean come on realy? 30 minutes to re spawn? There is 2.4 MILLION members only 30 realms and everybody and their neighbor gathering up the same thing. Half of whom arent even doing the quest just selling to the bazaar. So only time good for farming is 2am-7am...that is if you care to deprive yourself of sleep. Of that time you for all 30 realms will find ONE random realm that spawns a rare reagent
that's roughly one per 120 reagents gathered. Then yjat is if you get the reagents at all. so you fight for it then wait in fustration. Ive been on this task 2 weeks including farming at am hours 3 times now (that is if there isn't an update) and barely half way. Anyone see a problem with this?

I and my partner have put over $600 into your site. Probally more than 100 your members combind. we deserve better than this. crafting is no longer fun but a thorn in the side you pray to get through grinding your teath and going broke, to only find out SURPRISE another task 3 times worse than the one you just completed. What is the point in all of this. a badge. WOW, excuse me while i jump up and down! No rare crafting tabble or recipies you win. No clothing that's good NOTHING just a pat on the back. So why the 30 minute wait. No item should take more than 10 minutes to spawn and even that is pushing it with the number of members you have and the rarity of the reagents and their placements.

Please either make spawning times no longer than 10 minutes or ATLEAST cut all spawning times of all reagents in half. This is not fair to us the paying customers. Membership lasts for one year we dont want to spend 5 weaks doing ONE STEP step of ONE crafting quest only to end up waiting 7 monthes to finaly get our final crafting badge.

May 19, 2009
those are the only quests i have, and i just completely ignore them. considering this is such a problem for most people, KI will most likely fix or try to improve it in the next month. So i will just wait until the reagents become more common and easier to get