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Something I dont get with lvl 55gear crafting

Jul 29, 2009
Ok, so hear it goes.
When crafting lvl 55 gear you need level five spell
cards to craft the gear.
Follow me hear......
With say the myth gear, you would need at least 4 monitors
along with agents to craft the gear.
Though monitors are not avail to purchase in the bazzar or other wise.
You have to craft them at a card crafting table and you have to buy the
card crafting spell.
Or the storm gear, you need a stormzilla and the only way to get them
is to craft them. Again you have to buy the spell...
So the why not the same with death 55 gear ???
You need skeletons (4 min) and those are the only ones
you dont have to craft. You can buy them either at the library
or in the bazzar and you dont have to purchase the crafting spell......

Just curious thats all.........
Though I do craft gear

Apr 02, 2010
Nobody told you?

Some one in KingsIsle likes Death.

Many of our spells give us health back, we get the coolest color for our gear (black), we have two damage-over-times yet we can also make some major damage from our Rank 6 spell, we can craft the Feint treasure card with the difficult items all found in the Dragonspyre Academy (Ore/Diamonds and Lava Lilly), we get a free pet (Jellyfish) that matches our school at Level 56, and we didn't have to keep on going back into the Labyrinth to get our best deck. The other schools can't buy a treasure card version of our dispel, even a two pip one, they have to train it. We get Curse and Feint, great with working with friends.

This is just another instance of it.

That person must not work in the area that created the Sun school though.

Or the one that came up with Doom and Gloom.