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Some help would be nice

Jul 30, 2010
In short, I can't craft and I don't know what the issue is. I have all my materials, my slots are apparently open and it even says the slot is "ready" on the crafting menu but still the icon to create is greyed out claiming I "have no slots and should wait for them to cool down"

If anyone knows what I can do to fix this please tell me (Below is what I have tried)
*Logging in and out also closing the entire client.
*Picking up the benches/clearing out my entire room.
*Walking in and out also does not work
*Buying new benches also does not work
(The bug applies to ALL my benches it's also worth noting that I used to be able to craft no problem before trying to make equipment)

Mar 18, 2010
Do you have all your ingredients? That has happened to me and when I looked carefully I did not have all the necessary ingredients. Another time I was using the wrong crafting station.

What are you trying to make?
What crafting stations do you have?

Megan Frostriver Grandmaster Theurgist
Megan Frostbringer Grandmaster Socerer

Mar 29, 2009
Ok, i'm not sure if this is the issue, but first of all you have to do the crafting quests that start in Wizard City or else you can't craft anything. And some things you have to be a certain level to craft.
(also i dont think this is issue but you have to have the recipe )
The other thing is depending on what your crafting you need a certain type of crafting station. For example if your making a transmute black lotus you need a card crafting station to do it.

Hope this helps and you find a solution!

Catherine Windrider Lvl 49 Balance

May 31, 2010
If you have all the ingredients and using the correct crafting table , the only other thing I could think of that wont let you craft , would be having a full backpack. If your master artisan , you also know to craft some equipment you need to use the crafting anvil in Dragonspyre or Grizzleheim.
It would help if you could post your crafting level , the recipe you are trying to create , and the crafting station you are using.

Jul 04, 2009
First off, are you using the correct crafting table? Call up your recipe list (J) and in the recipe window, there is an icon in the lower left of the window (to the left of the second row of reagant requirements -- it looks like a beaker). Move your mouse over the icon and it will tell you what type of crafting table you need.

May 27, 2009
If you are trying to craft gear, you have to have space in your backpack. Try emptying some items from your backpack and see if that opens up your crafting.