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Should I try to do all the crafting quests?

Nov 21, 2009
I kept up with the crafting quests until I accidental sold my crafted marlybone items after days of farming. I finished the game now, and I am wondering if there is any point in going back and doing all the crafting. Is it just a feel good achievement thing or is there actually something worthwhile I get for farming for weeks?

May 31, 2010
Whether it is worthwhile or not is up to you. Crafting is more of a hobby in the game. Some people enjoy collecting, breeding pets and racing them, other people enjoy PvP matches , some are strictly questing who create character after character to complete the quest.
If you havent found crafting enjoyable so far with the quest , then its probably not the hobby for you. The point is to have fun , not to feel forced to complete any of the quest.

May 30, 2009
I was kinda like you with crafting, on the fence. I thought it was boring and very time consuming. The crafting quests came out after I got my myth to grand but before I made grand with my balance so I tried it with myth. She stopped in MB. As I was bringing up my balance, I picked up everything I saw and started it with her. She is a master artesian. So far I have crafted some AWESOME items including the Grizzleheim house, a mannequin to work the desk (I turned it into a hotel) and several other really cool items to go in it. Crafting CAN be fun with some imagination. But if you don't like the idea of farming for reagents, spending an endless amount of time in the bazaar and working for gold, then this isn't the thing for you. I PROUDLY wear my master artesian badge because I feel it IS a big accomplishment and if I could have a badge for crafting that house I would SOOOOOO wear that one more. Make a few items from Wizard City or Krok and get a feel for what it takes to make them, then decide if it's right for you.

May 27, 2009
Well put, MsSandy - if you feel that you need to complete the quests in order to feel a sense of accomplishment, then that will be your reward. Once you achieve Master Artisan, the only in-game reward is being able to craft more stuff. If you don't enjoy the crafting process, then the reward will not be very "rewarding."