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Shared reagent cabinet

Nov 01, 2009
I think it would be a great idea if KI would offer those of us who do the crafting a shared reagent cabinet. The way it would work is similar to the shared bank. You collect your reagents, and at the end of the day you go put them in the cabinet. If you have other characters who also craft and have been collecting reagents, they put their reagents in the cabinet and all of your characters have access to the pooled reagents. If you need just a few more red mandrake to finish that crafting project, just go to you cabinet and seen if there is any there.

This would also solve the problem of higher level characters taking longer to load because of all of the things they are carrying.

What do you all think?

Feb 14, 2009
i've been wanting something like this 2 of my wizards need scrap iron. But another of my wizard has like 40 of them, and is on the last crafting quest. While one of the 1s that is stuck has a lot of what my un-stuck one needs. ( :( ) so this would really help

Aug 12, 2009
I have also been wanting this. I have one main crafter in each account, and though I may have more than one Master Artisan per account I like to use just one wizard to craft most of the items, while others craft spell cards that might be needed. But I would love to be able to pool together reagents I have picked up with all my wizards and that they don't need so that my crafting wizard could use them.

It could be as simple as adding a section in the shared bank for reagents. But if they need a separate bank/cabinet for it then so be it!

I really hope that this is something KI will consider to improve the game :)

Jun 27, 2009