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Several Reagent locations.

Nov 11, 2008
I have totally revised this whole list, and found some nice spot for reagents.

Stone Block - Usually found in Chamber of fire / Palace of Fire. Rarely found in - Krokosphinx /Tomb of Storms.

Ore - I've only found it in the Chamber of Fire.

Deep Mushrooms - DMs are very common in Krokotopia, mostly in the Sphinx and ToS. I have also found in Marleybone on Chelsea Court.

Parchement - Only found in higher areas of worlds.. Mostly found in the Tomb of Storms and sometimes in the Krokosphinx.

Cattails - ONLY SPAWN IN WATER. Look in Unicorn way near the lake, Mooshu, quite a few in Marleybone and sometimes the Oasis in KT. If you need Cattails bad, go to Digmoore station, near the fountain, at least 3 there. They are always found in Hyde Park, near the big fountain. I have found nearly 5 there, not counting stackers.

Mist Wood - Found in Triton Avenue, Grizzleheim and Mooshu. Sometimes in Unicorn Way but i doubt you'll find any. New players run through that area like crazy, picking up whatever they find. Look near trees.

Blood Moss - I've found this only in the Nightside. This is a VERY RARE drop. If you find it, your lucky. You may also find it in the Bazaar but I doubt it unless you refresh it often.

Leather Straps - ONLY a monster drop. Every common monster has a chance to drop it. I suggest farming manders in the Pyramid of Fire.

Bone - Monster drop. I found it ONLY in Marleybone lately. try farming the cats in Chelsea Court.

Ectoplasm - Monster drop. As the name suggests, it is mostly dropped by ghosts but I have also recieved it in boss fights in Marleybone.

Nightshade - It is grouped with Deep Mushrooms.

Fossil - Grouped with Stone blocks.

Diamond - VERY RARE!! Found with Ore.

Black Pearl - Grouped with Black Lotus. Quite Rare aswell.

Acorn - Grouped with Mist Wood. This is a bit rare, however it isn't required much.

(drum roll) Scrap Iron - I have quite a few encounters myself. Newgate Prison / Between the clock twoer (or near it) and the boss. Go to the end of the instance. / Chelsea Court / Its the first right once you walk in. There isn't much, but you'll find some. (when your looking for scrap iron in these spots try to realm switch and always go to lower populated realms. Also try at earlier parts inthe day when W101 isn't as busy.)

I have updated this and figured people would like to know where to find Scrap Iron. I hope this helps anyone who needs it. :-D

(Totally revised. Added new regeants and better locations for some.)

Jul 06, 2009
Black Lotus seems to be around the houses and wagons in the road areas of MooShu like Hametsu Village.

I've found a ton of Scrap Iron in Chelsea Court in MB. Along with that, I've gotten a bunch of Springs.

May 08, 2009
As a master farmer who enjoys farming and can literarly get any reagant with ease in high numbers, I offer my knowledge to you.

Stone Block - Best found in Newgate prison inside and outside of the prison itself along with ocasionals near where the main bosses are and throught newgate prison. If you can't get yet to MB, try Vault of Ice in Krockatopia.

Ore - All over Krockatopia Pyramid of the sun and Grizzleheim.

Deep Mushrooms - Deep Mushrooms are best found along fence outside ancient burial grounds in mooshu. If can't get to MS, try dig site in Krockatopia.

Parchement/ ancient parchment - Vault of ice Krockatopia

Cattails/ water lillys - Any area with water in any world - best spot is Digmore station.

Mist Wood - Triton avenue and colosus boulevard. Also all over in every world as the most common reagent.

Blood Moss - Extreamly rare in nightshade.

Leather Straps - ONLY a monster drop. Cyclopses and manders and ninja pigs are noctorious for this drop.

Scrap Iron - NEWGATE PRISON near the bosses. Anyone tells you otherwise is pulling your leg. Yes there is some with Pops oleary but it's a dungeon and not alot.

Frost FLowers- Ice lakes (krockatopia and Grizleheim).

Nov 11, 2008
Jul 06, 2009
A good location for Frost Flowers/Grendelweed and Cat Tails/Water Lily is the ice lake in front of Herkir in Mirkholm Keep in Grizzleheim. I have farmed there and each realm hop I get at least two frost flowers (usually more, with one or two grendleweeds) and at least three cat tails (usually more, with one or two water lilies).

A good location for Scrap Iron is the first right in Chelsea Court, Marleybone. I usually get at least two Scrap Iron and Stone Blocks or Mist Wood from that area. Plus, there are frequently wooden chests or silver chests there as a bonus.

May 23, 2009
I beg to differ, I found some mist wood in Unicorn way, i only found 2 cattail pieces in Cyclops Lane, that is where i find most of my Mist wood, please tell me of any other locations for Cattail.

Aug 30, 2008
HarryPotter123987 wrote:
I beg to differ, I found some mist wood in Unicorn way, i only found 2 cattail pieces in Cyclops Lane, that is where i find most of my Mist wood, please tell me of any other locations for Cattail.

You can find Cat Tail any where near water in all of the worlds

May 27, 2008
I'm not the best farming person around but I have some advice.

Mist Wood: On my Death character, not on purpose, I had to go in and out of Haunted Cave. After you get out of the cave, look to your left and there is usually soem mist wood. Also a lot in Tree of Life.

Black Lotus: Tree of Life definately

Btw, I have NEVER seen scrap iron OR blood moss.
Hope this helps.

Cassandra WillowWhisper-Ice- Level 50
Cassandra DeathWhisper-Death- Level 23