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secret to marleybone scrap iron collecting

Jul 19, 2011
crystalwizard12345... wrote:
eggywig wrote:
The secret to collecting rare reagents is not telling others where you find rare reagents! If you tell everyone the best spot then it will be farmed so much that nobody can get any!

eh, just go in and out of the counterweights.

since they're dungeons, the instance you load is yours, no one's going to get in there and take the reagents.

go back out the door then go in again to load a new instance.

you will find mistwood and scrap iron on the first floor.

The counterweights i can confirm works. there are times when you will see mist wood however, most of the time it is the iron. enter the first side grab and exit. place a marker and run over to the other side and enter to grab more iron. Once you exit the 2nd counterweight, teleport back to your marker and enter. Rince and repeat until you have enough iron.

Also, in between the 2 counterweights, there is an area by the fountains that have cat tails that you can pick up if on the way.

Jul 23, 2011
The take the first right worked fine in about 2 hours ihad nearly 150 scrap iron! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Mar 13, 2011
Mar 28, 2009
There is a faster and better way ill make a topic on that soon

Sep 14, 2010
Oct 03, 2009
ace05843 wrote:
if it takes you an hour a half to get 37 pieces how is that good? if you go to NEWGATE PRISON and walk between the 2 bossed MUGSY and the clock tower each realm, it will take you literarly 20 minutes and maybe 8 realms at most to get the 40 scrap iron. The likely hood is you woll end up with half over what you need.

Sep 19, 2010
Are you kidding! The easiest way is to got to chelsea court by the clock with the sunbirds, then walk around looking for iron. If you dont get any, then switch the realm! it also helps to get up and press x multiple times (Itried this myself! it works!). In about ten minutes, you collect sixteen scrap irons! Belgrim soulthief, level 60 myth

Nov 15, 2009
counterweights work great i got 10 iron on my first go

Dec 07, 2010
DarkShadow693 wrote:
yellow867 wrote:
i am not kidding when i say that this is the best way. go to chealsea court, and take the first right. all you do is look around the whole area after the right. then go to where you turned, and back so the minute is up. in about an hour and a half i went from 16 scrap iron to 41 scrap iron.

PLEASE NOTE that i did not figure this out, and to give all credit to steven mistwielder, level 50 balance wizard. please do not give me credit. if you see steven mistwielder, just say thanks and that chris sent you.

Does this really work?

Yes it does.
I have crafted lvl 58 gear, Watchtower Hall, and well on my way to Celestial Observatory.
Take this tip and use it. Pass it on

Kestrel Moonfinder, Legendary Sorcerer

Aug 14, 2011
Scrap Iron has been plentiful for me. Just kep your eyes open. It's everywhere.

Jul 30, 2010
another good one is in the counterwieghts first floors

Jan 17, 2010
OH MY GOSH! It really works! But I found an idea, instead of walking all the way back to where you turned, wait a minute, and then change realms. :D I cant believe how well that works! Thank you so much!! :P

Jun 23, 2011
I tried the Chelsey Court idea. Either you're wrong, or I didn't do it right.

I did the Counter Weights and it worked perfectly. I got tons of scrap iron. I didn't switch between East and West or change realms. I just went into the East one over and over and got a lot of scrap iron. Thanks!