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Seal of the Seraphim

Mar 16, 2013
I don't understand this, but I have the recipe when I hit the letter "J" but when I go to the crafting table the recipe seems to be gone. I can't complete the quest from Mooshu, without the recipe, and when I go back to the recipe vendor, he doesn't offer it again.

I have logged out of the game and logged back in, even tried restarting the computer.

Pleaes help


Apr 08, 2013
Oh that just means that the item you are trying to craft requires a different crafting station. Like with the Seal of the Seraphim you need an equipment crafting station to craft it. The recipe will tell you how long it will take to make and what crafting station to use if you look next to the reagents on the left. Hope this helps! Have fun crafting!

Jasmine DragonBlade level 51

Jan 21, 2011
Are you using the correct crafting table? Certain recipes require crafting tables that exceed the basic crafting table. If you are using the basic crafting table then try using the equipment crafting table. You can tell whether you need it or not (basically everything at your point needs a furniture or an equipment crafting station) by looking at the icon at the bottom left. If it shows a backpack icon, then that means you need an equipment crafting station, if it shows a couch (or something having to do with furniture) then you need a furniture crafting table, etc.

Blaze Mythmancer Level 81

Jan 21, 2011
You may perhaps, in conclusion, need the equipment crafting table. It is very important that you have an individual crafting table for transmutes/spells/tcs, equipment, and furniture. (I may have already posted a message but I messaged the wrong meaning so sorry if this is the second one I've posted here)

Blaze Mythmancer Level 88 Conjurer