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Scrap Iron

Jun 11, 2009
yeah so im about to finish up in marley bone the one place i thought i would find scrap iron. i thought for sure a dungeon called the IRONWORKS would have alot of scrap iron. does anybody know where to find scrap iron besides marley bone?

Dec 15, 2008
I've been having the same problem, i spent like 2 hours looking for the Scrap Iron in MB and got only 3 of them , and you just can't find it at the bazzar because it either sells too fast or no one will sell it 'cause it's too hard to find!!!!

I found some in Chelsea Court and Krakenstein's Lab, 'cause i think there is gonna be spare iron where there are robots; hope it helps a little :P!!!!!

May 29, 2009
There's also scrap iron in big ben. Phew good thing they're adding more! Since you need eighty of them for quest!

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Marley is the only place to find. The best place to look is near the end of streets close to boss hideouts.

If the boss has two 'tanks', then there are usually two spawn locations.

Ironworks has scrap iron, and it is all yours, as you have no competition. I think 2-3 scrap iron are found there, just ciricle the ends of screets and looking behind things.

Note: Scrap iron is a primary spawn. It is getting to the point where it can be found at the Bazzar. When you get to MS, you will find you need black lotus (or is that lotii? :) ). DS is where life as a crafter hits the skids. All the quests require the rare secondary spawns...so keep your diamonds and black pearls (unless you can sell them just as I am ready to buy )

Jan 17, 2009
the best place i have found scrap iron is in knights court. between the black widow and the trolls. keep changing realms in between, and your sure to get the scrap iron needed. it may take awhile, like the others, but you will eventually get it. :D

May 02, 2009
you know what i think if funny i am in ds and still have not finshished the crafting quest because of the scrap iron but because of this i think how hard it is to find it and how really rare it is they should cange the rareness of it from a 3 to a 5 thats how rare i see it to be dimonds are easyer to get then scrap iron in my eyes. i just thought i would say something.