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SCRAP IRON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 20, 2009
I have looked all over marley and i can't find any scrap iron :(

where can i find it

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
setauket1 wrote:
I have looked all over marley and i can't find any scrap iron :(

where can i find it

Well... you must be looking at the wrong times.
>> Easiest place to find it is from Regent's Square. There are 3 spawn sites as you move from Diagmore Station elevator to just beyond Sherlock's place.
>> Another suggestion, as mentioned on the boards previously, is the first right on Chelsea...three spawn sites in the 'deadend area.

Make sure you look 'behind' things. It isn't mistwood, it hides a lot.

MOST IMPORTANT - make sure you aren't searching with everyone else, log on when the game is quiet (say, 6am east coast time, or after 11 west coast, etc.....but weekends and after school are very bad times to look).

By switching realms you should get all 32 scrap iron in under an hour of searching in perfect realms. (And thank your lucky stars that KI has lowered it from a total of 80 and increased the spawn rate over twofold).

Dec 20, 2008
Mar 26, 2009
after you find some scrap iron, swap between realms and it should be back....try every realm...if its not there someone else has already gotten it...worked for me...got like 40 after traveling between realms

Dec 17, 2008
I go to Hyde Park. Use the teleporters and check the 3 places they respawn there. Behind the crate, by the water towers, and behind them. After you check them, hop to another realm and check again.

Good Luck!