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School Crafting

Sep 01, 2008
Is it really fair that you have to be a certain school to make treasure cards? If you're not from the school and you want to make another school item for furniture, you'd have to make a completely new character to make that card. Even with the bazaar out, no one would really sell a card because it costs almost nothing, and when you try to buy it, its way overpriced.
Please if you could, take out the school requirement in making treasure cards.

Jun 19, 2009
I *might* make Treasure Cards, but only on two conditions. 1) I don't have any other Craft Quests left, and 2) just to use up anything left that I don't need.

But as so many people are asking, what's the point of only making Treasure Cards for your own school, when you already know that spell? Might as well use the reagents for something else ...

Isn't the point of being able to have Treasure Cards so that you can access spells that are not your "major"?

Jul 05, 2008
I think crafting for your own school is stupid/ First buy a power card for anywhere from 12 to 50 gold. Then enhance it.

But it seems KI has in mind to stop this for trading purposes. Since they said soon you will not be able to trade these types of cards. And I have bets on the fact they will not annoucne when they are going to do this. Thinking we should have prepared for the worst already. A big customer mistake just waiting to be fulfilled :)

First off

1. Why would someone take the time to make these cards for the bazaar when the time it take to make them is not worth what you get for in gold.

Why would I waste my time selling cards if I can make then easy.

They really need to rethink this issue and not make them school specific

To me I would craft alot even if it took time and engery to say make a stormzilla or other high card. Or a high card in a multi hit or to build blades. That I do nto get with my school.

As it stand now crafting is a failure. It does not have to be. I just wish KI would create a group of average players to send surveys too. To get some feed back from the players before they implement their ideas. And then try and tweak them when 1/2 of the wizards a really upset.

I could have told you school specifc cards would not fly and was a waste of programming effort.

On test realm they were not school specific. The big cards are not cheap or easy to make so the reasoning behind school only cards must be someone did not think the idea all the way through.

Jan 04, 2009
Ya I was thinking same thing I think that you should make treasure cards from other schools not your own because you are going to learn the ones from your school any way but you are not going to learn some of the ones from other schools.