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Round pedestal recipe?

Jul 08, 2010
It may be under Round Statue Base, I do not know. Most of you know this as the only pedestal that will fit the Unicorn statue.

I have been told that this may be a recipe, but no one has explained where it is. The only explanation was in the Dragonspire furniture shop, but I have been there and it wasnt there.

If anyone knows where people can buy this recipe, I am sure more then a few will be grateful. If there is a shop that always sells them, please post that too. I am expecting this is a rare item that wont be in the bazaar much, if at all, if it still exists.

May 27, 2009
Nessa Lightblade, the Dragonspyre Furniture Vendor DOES sell the Round Statue Base. It is listed under the candle icon for Decorations. Costs 700 gold.

Happy decorating!