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ring of insight

Mar 21, 2010
I got the quest to craft the ring of insight from Wul'yahm a long time ago i just havnt done it yet. When i went to do it today I didnt have the reciepe for it and i couldnt buy it. I went to find Wul'yahm in krok over by the shops but he wasnt there. Am i missing something? i thought i bought the reciepe for it when i got the quest i just had to collect all the reagents but i find it wierd that i cant find the reciepe nor can i find Wul'yahm to buy it. Ideas would be great, Thanks in advance

Nov 06, 2009
This is the exact same thing that has happened to me! I am level 60 and still cannot craft the ring of insight! It has been very frustrating because i can't craft anything! Is it a glitch or am I doing it wrong?

Amber Dawnbreeze, Level 60

Jan 21, 2010
um, the ancient krock who sells recepies is near some bridges. He is standing near a collosus reagent vender. Neither of them are anywhere near a building.