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Recipee Venders

Aug 13, 2011
Hi folks

Recently I made a very interesting discovery, Although I have 6 wizards on my account most of them are Lvl 70 and above which means they have all done mooshoo i didn't notice at the time that there is a secrete recipe vendor that will sell you the recipe that allows you to craft additional cards granted you have to be a grand master artisan and they require as much as 100 of a particular regent depending which card you wish to make but it does extend you cards which is allways good news the vendor appears after you complete the death oni battle in sharika temple in mooshoo the bad news is even if you have competed the fight you still have to fight him again before the vendor appears

Does anyone know if there are any other secrete vendors if there is I would be interested to know i only noticed this one after helping a friend defeat the death oni strangly enough when i mentioned to him he said he could not see anything.

De G7dme

Dec 16, 2009
Crafting spells? It might not really be a secret, and those cards are quite hard to craft! If you want more card-crafting recipe vendors, there is only one other; Grady in Dun Scaith, The Wyrd, Avalon. Master Yan Kan Kook and Grady are the only spell recipe vendors.