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Recipe for Grizzleheim Watchtower Hall castle

Mar 31, 2012
Several of my freinds have remarked to me that this Recipe is "too hard" and that collecting re-agents is "too boring".

After some reflection on this subject, I would like to submit to you my "homework" (you might call it that) which has allowed me to purchase the Recipe.

First of all, you have to be Master Artisan to buy it from Wayfinder in the Grizzleheim Commons shop. So those who want it but havent reached that point, try watching the preview on youtube, that is a good way to get the tour. Dont worry, if you just do your quests in Marleybone and Mooshu, you will attain the crafting badge at about the exact moment you enter Dragonspyre, ok?

Just dont procrastinate on the crafting quests and you will be right on time. Also, a helpful hint is to keep scrolling through the Marleybone Recipe shop to the very back, there is a page called "Transmutation" recipe's.

While you are in Marelybone, you will need to collect Scrap Iron. Guess what? Good news! There is a Transmutation Recipe for that! Buy it ! That will save you alot of hassles and make everything easier.

In Mooshu you primarily need the Black Lotus, Black Pearl and Diamond Transmutation Recipe's. All of the Recipe Vendors have a back page where these Transmutation Recipe's are carried. Just keep going through the pages until you get to the very last page. Go to each vendor in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marelybone, Mooshu and Dragonspyre and get their recipe's. It might not seem like you need them immidiatly but it pans out that eventually you do use them and why waste a trip? Others that get alot of use are Nightshade, Ectoplasm, Waterlily, Frostflower and of course, diamonds............

So having said that: you know that part of the problem why people say its "too hard" is they arent aware of or using the Transmutation Recipe's what so ever. Try this method, it helps and cuts down on alot of blood, sweat and tears in the long run. I believe that it was introduced after people complained in the Test Realm.

Another way to get extra re-agents is gardening.

What sort of plants do you have? Do you put any effort into making sure you have the kind that give the re-agents you need? Check!

For example, if I need "ghost fire" and I dont want to spend thousands on it at the Bazaar, maybe there is a way to get it from gardening the right plant? Check! Pink Dandilions give Black Pearls............etc

As to the collection of Re-agents being "boring": there is not really anything I can say to that. The only advice I can give you is to stop selling them to the Bazaar.

Try putting them instead into your "Shared Bank" section of your Bank, instead of either putting them just into the Bank or carrying them in the BackPack. The reason is that if you leave them in the Bank the temptation might be overwhelming to sell them at the Bazaar, at some point for gold if you want a new wand or something.

Then when you go to see what re-agents you have when you really really need some : there wont be any and you will have to collect them all over again. No-Likey. Be wise, dont sell them. Keep them in the Shared Bank section of your home bank, that way there will be extra space to collect alot. And, you wont be tempted to sell your stores.

It is my conjecture that part of the problem is what I like to call "fuzzy math". People dont want to just sit down with a calculator and figure out some simple math that an elementary student would do--lol

So I want to help and I cant exactly tell you the answer by texting in chat. Instead I am going to post the answer here and maybe it will help you to realise that this is not as intimidating as it looks, you just have to keep running talley's of numbers that you add and subtract, like you did back when you were learning to multiply and divide in gradeschool.

When you purchase the WatchTower Hall castle, make a list of the ingrediants, with numbers next to each ingrediant of how many are required.

It should look like this:

10 blizzard cards

20 ghost fire

4 Wooden Watch Tower

4 Carved StoneTower

15 Ornamental Step Stone

30 stacks of wooden planks

8 Grassy mounds

2 Waterfountains.


then when you have collected those recipe's (mostly from either Dragonspyre, Mooshu or Wizard City) make lists for each one of them also, with numbers next to the amounts for each of the ingrediants.

An example is the Ornamental Step Stone recipe:

4 Shadow Oil

1 Simple Vial

14 Ore

6 Nightshade

20 Ectoplasm


Now is the time you have to do some math. Use a calculator. Its just like gradeschool. OK?

For each recipe, you know that it is required so many times, to create the total

For the Ornamental Step Stone, you know it is required 15 times.

So after each ingrediant, use your calculator and write the total of that number times 15.

For example, I know I need 4 Shadow Oil, 15 times. So I multiply 4 x15 and I get 60. So I write (60) after that, on the Recipe.

See how that works?

Now you know you will also be using Transmutation Recipe's to get some of these ingrediants, so for each one of the Recipe's you might also note what TRansmutation Re-agents are required.

For Ornamental Step Stone, you can transmute Nightshade out of 15 Deep Mushrooms. Etc (there are several) so make a note of that as well, so you dont get discouraged when you see you need 90 total Nighshade and you only have 11. You can use the Transmutation Recipe and possibly just buy some Deep Mushroom down at the Bizarre or keep it in your Shared Bank for later.

For clarity, when I started I got a small 1$ notebook that I would usually use for notes or something and just put the Grizzleheim Watchtower Hall Recipe on the 1st Page.

Then put each Recipe for the Ingrediants, on the following pages. then put each transmutation Recipe on the back of the page.

Keep running talleys of your inventory in your Storage Bank. Add and subtract the amounts you "farm" (collect) or buy, transmute or use.

I hope this helps.

It seems to me that the Grizzleheim recipe is considerably easier to make than the Celestia Recipe and it has alot of very nice features that are sought after by people who enjoy having their own Castle, such as waterfalls, jumping fish, several buildings with different floors, etc So it is worth the trouble. This Recipe costs 60,000 in gold to purchase, so if you are planning on buying it out of your loot that you get from cashing in Boss Drops, you might want to save for a little while.


Jul 03, 2010
Good post on explaining the ins and outs of gardening, a lot of people don't even bother with it because they have no idea how.

On my first wizard I got really involved with it but did have to do some research on wizard101central.com to find out about it - like the transmute ways when I got to needing a ton of Golden Pearls, Sandstone and Sunstone. I also took note of places where things normally are and do a few other tricks I have learned along the way. I also found if you have enough gold you can get anything you want from the Bazaar if you are patient enough. That rule is now broken though with No Auction reagents being introduced now, Amber to name one.

Jul 06, 2010
I remember when I crafted that house, I actually had to buy a house to store all my items in before making it(the many wooden planks and ornamental stones).
People would come to my house and be like is this the playhouse or a lumberyard? lol

Oct 22, 2011
Very nice explanation.

I use a notebook to make a list of crafted gear, housing, and housing items that I want, along with a list of all ingredients it takes to make them.

What you have written will help those who are not that familiar with the ins-and-outs of what it takes to craft items.

Good Job!


Mar 31, 2012

The final page should have what I call "All Totals":

This is when you have made a list of the Recipe, you have made lists of the ingrediants, you have multiplied the totals.

Then, you have a new list of "All Totals". Why? Because who wants to do the math everyday? I actually dont like math that much--lol Sorry i forgot to mention it, but this "All Totals" page is really the purpose in the first place.

When you are trying to collect all the re-agents, you will need a final total to work toward. You dont want to have to add everything up constantly, that is a headache.

For example, if you have Ore listed a number of times in several ingrediant recipe's, Add the Totals together.

Make a final "All Totals" list. Make notes next to the hard things, of what the Transmute Re-agents are. Such as "Scrap Iron :144 (10 stoneblock, 10 ore)"

This cuts down on constantly thumbing through the notebook and doing further math--lol ha ha ha . My main worry is that I will forget something or accidently do the addition or subtraction wrong in my head and then at the end, it will not be correct.

If you are using the Bazaar, which is inevitable, this improves your "aim" considerably. If you know you have an "All Total " for Ore that is 290, or an "All Total" for Nightshade or Diamonds that is 90, that is sufficient reason to use the Transmute Recipe's and to plan accordingly.

Really, sometimes its just as simple as getting midly organised.

Update: I am about half way through the Grizzle Recipe and things are going well (so far). Last night I picked up the Seal of the Seven Seas Quest, in Celestia. (for Grand Master Craftsman) and bought all the Transmutation Recipe's for that. Note: those who are preparing to do this, dont sell your re-agents, as much as you might be tempted to do it ! That Crafting Quest you need them for is right around the corner!